Sanam Shetty and Balaji Murugadoss are models who've had a bad start with each other in the Bigg Boss S4 show - which began with the 'dubakoor' word to the alleged 'compromising to win title' statement.

At that time, rumours surfaced that Balaji and Bigg Boss S3 participant and Sanam's ex-fiancee Tharshan are friends as Bala's attack towards Sanam looked somewhat personal.

Now an old pic of Balaji and Sanam attending an event together is making rounds on social media suggesting that both are either friends or colleagues before joining Bigg Boss.

In an old interview, Sanam revealed that the models in the industry are familiar with each other, and Tharshan hails from the same circle.

Now, the trending image has restored the old rumours once again. Meanwhile, just recently Sanam and Tharshan's personal audio conversation was shared widely by Bala's fans to ruin her image. These are some of the tweets: