Since Bigg Boss 3 is nearing the end, contestants are being roasted with difficult tasks to secure their spot in the finals. During the 'Ticket to Finale' tasks, Tharshan has been leading the other contestants because of his strength and competitive spirit.

However, Bigg Boss audience witnessed a new side of Tharshan in the 'Thermocol' task. The contestants were instructed to wear a sack filled with thermocol, which is also known as polystyrene. They had to run in a circle while trying to clear out the polystyrene from the sack of the person in front of them.

All the contestants played aggressively and some even got injured. Tharshan was in front of Kavin and behind Sherin. In the first round of the task, Tharshan and Cheran were disqualified.

Cheran could not run and Kavin cleared out all the polystyrene inside Tharshan's sack. Furious that he lost, Tharshan alleged that Kavin had pulled his bag upwards instead of playing the game fairly.

But interestingly, Tharshan also pulled Sherin's sack during the task, the same way Kavin did. So, netizens are puzzled as to why it's okay for Tharshan to play aggressively but not Kavin.

While it's a good thing to be highly competitive, it's not fair to blame someone else for losing. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Vijay TV
Photo Credit: Galatta & Indiaglitz