Bigg Boss 3 Sakshi finally left the house but with all smiles. She didn't even shed a single tear after being evicted and was so eager to meet her parents.

During her conversation with Kamal and the other housemates, Kavin apologised to Sakshi, for which her father who was present at the studio made a sarcastic response.

"Why is he asking sorry, he was just playing the game!"

The reply changed Kavin's reaction and Sakshi was giving a thumbs up to her father for his support. In a recent interview, the father has opened up about the whole Kavin-Sakshi-Losliya love saga and how it was just a 'game show'.

"Shakshi always speaks the truth. She doesn't know how to be cunning. In real life, she's very decent, soft and if she feels something is wrong, she will even scold us. She's straight forward," he said.

Her mother explained how Sakshi grew up very protected and never knew the cunningness and cleverness of people. She didn't play the game at all, according to her parents.

"Actually, there was no love created. It was a game show. All three of them were playing the game. It's doubtful if they will even meet after coming out. That's what we feel. It's not genuine love!" her father added.

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Photo Credit: Indiaglitz & Cinema Express