'Bigg Boss Jodigal' is a couple dance competition that was aired on Vijay TV last year featuring former contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil. The show hosted by actress Ramya Krishnan and actor Nakkul was well received by the viewers, and duo Shariq Haasan and Anitha Sampath became the title winners who walked away with Rs3 lakh cash prize.

Now the season 2 of Bigg Boss Jodigal is all set to commence soon, and an official promo has confirmed the former contestants who will be joining the competition this time. The lists includes Isaivani, Velmurugan, Iykki, Abhisek, Suruthi, Pavani, Amir, Thamarai, Harathi, Suja Varunee and Danie. Meanwhile, both Raju and Priyanka Deshpande are rumoured to be the hosts of the second season.

However, some of the participants are joining the show with their real-life partners - Harathi with her husband Ganesh, Suja with her husband Sivakumar and Thamarai with her husband Parthasarathy. The show will be premiering on May 8. Check out the promo here: