Bigg Boss S1 contestant Kavignar Snehan married his long-time girlfriend, actress Kannika, in an intimate wedding ceremony back in July 2021. His wife Kannika Ravi, is a host and actress who has appeared in several television series and films.

Talking about his wife in a recent interview, Snehan admitted that many people tried to break the couple apart during the initial stages of the relationship. But, Kannika stayed loyal to him and never got influenced by anyone.

He also praised his wife who always advised him to stay calm and run angry text messages by her before sending them to anyone else.

"She often tells me how good-hearted I am and how I've never lied or cheated anybody. I've never betrayed somebody or attempted to manipulate anyone into doing me a favor. She also believes that I am very trusting and that I should not speak to others without first thinking about it," he said in the interview.

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Source: Little Talks
Photo Credit: Times of India & Mobie