Bigg Boss Tamil is a reality television program hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan since 2017, from Season 1 to Season 5.

The OTT version of Bigg Boss Tamil, 'Bigg Boss Ultimate,' debuted earlier this year with 16 former contestants and aired 24 hours a day for 48 days.

Many Bigg Boss contestants have achieved fame and recognition from the show over the last five years, while others went almost unnoticed when it ended.

Let's take a look at eight memorable Bigg Boss stars; some of them garnered the love and support of the show's fans, while others were entangled in controversies:


During Bigg Boss S1, Oviya earned a massive fan following. The actress was the first to have her fans and supporters refer to themselves as the 'Oviya Army.'

Her Bigg Boss stardom, however, did not translate into a promising acting career. Despite appearing in a few films after the show, Oviya has yet to establish herself in Kollywood.

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Last year, she only had one release, a Malayalam film called 'Black Coffee.' Next, she will be featured in two Tamil movies, Raja Bheema and Sambavam, both of which are currently in development.

Maria Juliana

Maria Juliana, often known as Julie, is perhaps the most controversial and talked-about Bigg Boss Tamil contestant in history. Julie was dubbed the 'Veera Tamizhachi' before her Bigg Boss fame for her involvement in the 2017 'Jallikattu' protests.

During the show, however, Julie became the target of trolls, especially following the infamous 'kurumpadam' incident involving Oviya. Julie experienced internet threats and trolls even years after the show ended.

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Later, she pursued a career in acting, appearing in films such as Amman Thaaye and Naan Sirithal. Julie was most recently featured on 'Bigg Boss Ultimate.'

Aishwarya Dutta

Actress Aishwarya Dutta's journey on Bigg Boss S2 was shocking and unexpected. Her antics during the 'Hitler Task' became the talk of the town, with social media users slamming her behavior on social media.

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After the show, Aishwarya remained out of the public eye for a few years before reappearing on TV screens through BB Jodigal. After the show ended, the actress began receiving film offers and is presently shooting many films simultaneously.


We can't discuss this duo individually since they were inseparable on Bigg Boss S3. Kavin and Losliya's relationship during the show has a separate fanbase.

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Their close bond on the show grew into much more than friendship, but it couldn't handle the public scrutiny and family disapproval. They reportedly split up after the reality show.

On the professional front, both stars have appeared in films. Kavin starred in the horror-thriller 'Lift' in 2021 and is now shooting for two other projects. Losliya made her acting debut in the film 'Friendship' (2020), and her next film was Koogle Kuttappa.

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Vanitha Vijayakumar

Vanitha Vijayakumar is the first contestant in the Bigg Boss Tamil's history who was eliminated but granted a second chance as a wildcard entry.

The Bigg Boss star was instrumental in many fights and confrontations in the Bigg Boss house, which increased the show's TRP rating. After Bigg Boss S3, she became a well-known TV celebrity, featuring in several TV shows and even won 'Cooku with Comali' S1.

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Vanitha's official YouTube channel has millions of views and features interesting cooking recipe videos. She is involved in at least a dozen films, including the highly anticipated Bollywood adaptation of 'Andadhun.'

Mugen Rao

Actor-singer Mugen Rao is the first Malaysian celebrity to compete and win Bigg Boss Tamil. While he was not featured extensively at the start of Season 3, his game ethics and competitive spirit impressed everyone, including Kamal Haasan. His song 'Sathiyama,' which he composed while on the show, became a hit.

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The Bigg Boss S3 champion made his Kollywood debut in 2022 with the action-drama 'Velan,' co-starring Soori, Prabhu, Meenakshi Govindarajan, and many more well-known actors. The actor will next be featured in Anjana Alikhan's 'Madhil Mel Kaadhal,' releasing on June 2023.

Balaji Murugadoss

During Season 4, Balaji Murugadoss was one of the players that sparked the most conflict. He often locked horns with fellow contestants Aari and Sanam Shetty, and he even made controversial remarks when he was on the show.

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Not much is known about his Kollywood projects after 2020; but the star has been featured in BB Jodigal and 'Bigg Boss Ultimate,' where he was crowned the champion.

Aari Arujunan

Bigg Boss Season 4's champion, actor Aari Arujunan, captivated everyone with his integrity and commitment to fair play throughout the show. He received an astounding 23 crores of votes from his loyal fans.

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Following his victory, Aari made an appearance alongside Udhayanidhi Stalin in the political drama 'Nenjuku Needhi,' an adaptation of the Bollywood film 'Article 15'. Currently, the actor is busy filming at least three different movies.

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