Local Tamil travelogue Koranjeh Velai Niranjeh Ooru, which gives viewers insight on how to enjoy local tourists spots on a shoestring budget, is currently airing on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 202).

Astro recently caught up with the show's host, popular local rapper and producer Rabbit Mac, to find out about his experience making the show. Here's the interview:

What has your experience been like hosting Koranjeh Velai Niranjeh Ooru?

This is my debut travel show as a host and the experience was amazing as I visited many new places. I had the best crew that made the entire trip fun. I learnt so much about every state, especially their history and culture. There were lots of memorable moments to be cherisheed. However, the most unforgettable and significant one was our visit to Taman Negara, Pahang.

We stayed in the watchtower in the middle of the jungle one night. The place was disconnected from the city and there was no phone or internet connection. The boat dropped us there in the morning and I was told that there would be absolutely no boats until the next morning. The day wasn’t so bad. We bathed in the river and even brought our own food supplies. We had an amazing experience that night and it was pitch-dark.

Luckily, there was a full moon but, in our case, we also brought our own lights. As scary as it sounds, it was actually an experience of a lifetime. I saw many different animals moving freely from the watchtower at night and these animals were those you’d probably only see in the zoo. If you’re a thrillseeker, make sure you experience this.

Besides travelling, what were the other enjoyable parts of the show?

Tasting all kinds of local delicacies was the highlight of every shoot when we had to review restaurants. I’m proud to say that Malaysia has the best food to offer. Other than the food, I personally loved meeting the locals and speaking to them. Everyone I met shared about their culture, traditions and what happens around town. Sitting down with locals and just hearing their stories is a whole experience on its own.

What are some of your hopes for this show?

‘Well, travel doesn’t need to be lavish’, was the main message we wanted to deliver via this show. We want everyone to travel to all these exciting places in our very own beautiful country. I hope by watching this show, everyone will know that travelling is not just about visiting certain places,but also learning about the culture and traditions of each place while communicating with the locals to know more. I can assure you that the stories shared by them will definitely amaze you and make your trip much more fulfilling.

You can stream the show anytime on Astro GO and On Demand.