Amala Paul has found her soulmate! In a recent interview with Film Companion, Amala Paul opened up about her character Kamini from her ambitious film 'Aadai' and her insecurities about doing the nude scene in the film.

In the mid of the interview, she revealed that she's seeing someone and he was the first person she shared the Aadai film script with and guess what he said!

"The first thing he told me was that I needed to really work on myself if I was going to do the film. He told me that I had to be at my 100 percent physically and mentally,” Amala told the interviewer.

When asked if she shares her acting decisions with her new partner, Amala Paul agreed and replied, "Absolutely. Because the person I’ve become, and the way I look at my work now... I owe it to him. I was a rebel without a cause and it was love that healed me. True love healed me."

The actress has always assumed that only mothers can shower unconditional love and sacrifice themselves for their children. "But, this man proved it wrong. He really had to sacrifice his job and career to be with me and support me. Because he knows my passion and he appreciates that. He stands by my side!" Amala added.

Her partner has always been honest with her, especially when it comes to her acting. He even commented on how her acting was 'shitty' in her previous films.

While she didn't reveal who he was, she mentioned that he is not like everyone else. He was not trying to feed her ego. "He just came by and ripped me apart. He's the truth in my life. He let me find myself back!" she said.

Listen to the full interview here:

We are truly happy for the actress and hope that she would find luck in love the second time. Previously, Amala Paul was married to director AL Vijay and due to Amala's career disagreements, they parted ways in 2016. Director AL Vijay recently got married to a doctor and here's what Amala Paul said about the couple: Amala Paul's Reaction to Ex-Husband AL Vijay's Second Marriage

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Source: Film Companion
Photo Credit: Hans India & Kiss PNG