Kani Thiru became famous after winning the title of Cooku with Comali 2 on Vijay TV. The starlet is quite active on Instagram and recently went live to interact with her fans.

In her live interaction, Kani revealed that many are questioning why she's not wearing a 'thali' (sacred thread/chain around the neck that signifies a woman is married).

Her answer shocked her fans! Kani explained she doesn't believe that the practice of wearing Thali is part of Tamil culture.

According to the starlet, getting married according to Tamil culture usually involves two people who love each other and exchange garlands in the presence of their families.

While the starlet married director Thiru in a traditional way which involved the ritual of tying thali, she stopped wearing it after a few months.

"I was wearing the yellow thali thread for the first three months before they changed it. While my husband tied the original thali, when they changed it, one of my relatives tied it for me," she added.

She didn't believe in the ritual as it was not tied by her husband and doesn't find it necessary to wear Thali every day.

Check out Kani's full live session here:

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Source: Kani's Instagram
Photo Credit: Press Bolt News & Sukhbeer Brar