Leading entertainment channel Zee Tamil is set to unveil the Tamil adaptation of the world's most successful reality show Survivor to your screens soon.

Helmed by entertainment powerhouse Banijay Asia, the franchise’s global success of Survivor is aptly reflected across every international adaptation of the show in multiple languages, resulting in a strong fan base world over.

The uniqueness of the show lies not only in the fact that it is going to happen in a beautiful natural environment but also the magnificent island that will be home to the show and the contestants.

Here, the contestants must fight their might against the forces of nature. From the very basics of building a fire camp for warmth, or a tent from natural resources to scrouging for food and water etc., the contestants will have to display extraordinary grit and determination to prove their mettle amidst all odds. Adding to the challenging environment, the contestants will be put through a variety of tasks where they will fight against each other to win rewards and immunity from elimination.

After all, this ultimate game of human survival is designed to truly test every aspect of contestant’s mental and physical strength.

As the quest to uncover the identities of contestants begin, each from a different walk of life, the added element of surprise is the host who will not only take the viewers through the survival journey but act as a mentor and guide to the contestants during the tasks.

Speaking on the launch of the show, Tripta Singh, EVP and Territory Head of Asia Pacific, said, “Survivor would definitely set a new benchmark in reality show formats, especially in markets like Singapore and Malaysia, with high urban viewership. As a channel, we have always committed ourselves to engage and entertain our audience with innovative content and variety entertainment. Zee Tamil has truly embarked on a journey in partnership with Banijay Asia to redefine quality entertainment in the market. Moreover, viewers will be enrolled by international participation for the first time”.

Deepak Dhar, CEO & Founder, Banijay Asia added, “Survivor is a show that has a global fan base. The format is unique, adaptable and has the potential to match audience sensibilities across the board. The Tamil industry has always been experimental and bringing a reality show of this nature will only broaden the genre further. Zee Tamil has always gone beyond when it comes to innovative content, and we’re excited to be partnering with frontrunners like them”

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