The Bigg Boss fans can rejoice once again as the preparation for the upcoming season has commenced recently and the show is expected to telecast after July this year.

Last year, the show started after months of delay due to the Covid-19 lockdown, and the participants even get to celebrate occasions such as Deepavali, Christmas, New Year and Ponggal for the first time on the show.

Now after the show's finale in January, the preparation for the upcoming season has started and these are among the contestants who were predicted to join the next season:
  1. Cooku with Comali Pugazh
  2. Cooku with Comali Shivangi
  3. Cooku with Comali Ashwin
  4. Radharavi
  5. Pazhakarupaiya
  6. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
  7. Pandian Stores Hema
  8. Sri Reddy
  9. Sona

Image credit: Satrumun
Source: Cineulagam