Paravai Muniamma is a well-known figure in the Kollywood industry; to-date, she has sung several famous folk songs, as well as acted along with many top actors and comedians.

She became well recognised in the industry after singing 'Singam Poleh' song for actor Vikram, and after playing Vivek's grandma cum sidekick in 'Kadhal Sadughu'.

The veteran actress got sick once and struggled to make ends meet when she was admitted to the hospital.

She was then helped by former Tamil Nadu chief minister cum actress Jayalalitha, who set-up an Rs6 lakhs funding via MGR Welfare.

Paravai Muniyamma, who's still taking care of her mentally-challenged child, was receiving RS6,000 monthly from the funding.

During her stay in the hospital, Paravai Muniamma has requested the monthly funding to be given to her mentally-ill child as her final wish. Her death hoax started making round at the same time, and the singer even released a video saying that she's still alive.

Now in the recent update, the singer has been discharged from the hospital and returned home. She is regaining her health and is recovering at the moment.

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