Relationships and love... it's what most people yearn for their whole life. They feel like there is a part of them that is missing that can only be filled by the right person. Only the lucky few have been able to find their soulmates while the rest just settle for the partners they have.

Astrology have always claimed to be able to help people find that special someone but do you know how they actually do that? Read on to find out...

The important clues you have to look out for in your chart are:

1.The 5th house & its Lord: The house of love and Romance

2. Venus and Jupiter: Venus is the planet of love, romance & sex; and Jupiter keeps the relationship intact and is the planet of unconditional love.

3. 11th house and its Lord : The house of new relationships and how fulfilling they are.

4. Planets associated with the 5th house or its Lord: The 5th house, its associate planets & Venus is what makes a relationship what it is. But they have to be enough strong to draw in relationships to your life.

For example, if Venus is combusted or debilitated, there would be brief contacts or relationships with the opposite sex but they wouldn't be strong or lasting ones. It would depend upon what is influencing Venus, and which sign Venus is in.

If the Sun is the influencer, your ego would be the barrier, you won't make the relationship easy for the other person.

If the fifth house is afflicted badly by malefic planets and the houses (6th, 8th & 12th houses and their Lords), the relationships won't last for long either.

5. The transit of the above planets : When the relationships will come in and go away from your life. Planetary transit or "gochar" will tell you about the month and year of any, – whether it is a matter of getting a new relationship or losing the existing one. That means, in which month you are going to get love relationship or going to lose the existing one, that can be known from the transit of above mentioned planets.

What are their significations?

A love relationship will be successful depending on the connection between 1st, 5th,11th house & Venus. Whether the relationship will last will depend upon the Jupiter's association with them and without the influence of 'Dusthana House' or their lords – 6th,8th & 12th. Jupiter or any benefice planet will give life to the relationship while "Dusthana Lord" will always ruin or there will be a death.

Finally 'Mahadasa' and 'Antardasa', which are the period of planets should be related to 5th house or its Lord and Venus.

Regardless of how your astrological chart looks like, do remember that you hold the destiny to your life. You have the power to change it however you see fit.

Source: Astrosanhita
Photo Credit: Tech In Asia