Vadivelu is a very popular comedian who's rocked the South Indian movie industry for decades.

Despite not getting many movie opportunities after his controversial words against fellow actor Vijayakanth, Vadivelu still became famous after #PrayForNesamani became one of the most trending hashtags globally last year.

Following that, Vadivelu promised his fans that he's making a comeback in one of Kamal Haasan's upcoming movies.

However, producer Sathish has now lodged a complaint against Vadivelu's assistant Manikandan for entering his house by force and threatening him. The producer has also submitted CCTV footage to the cops to assist investigations.

It's rumoured that Vadivelu is now staying in hiding as police are looking for him regarding this incident. Vadivelu, however, informed the press that he's visiting a temple at his hometown, and that several parties are linking him to this issue to spoil his comeback in Kollywood.