Vadivelu, one of the most celebrated comedians in Indian cinema, recently made the headlines when he revealed that he's not getting any movie opportunities.

The actor who yearns to return to the big screen was banned from acting in movies for several years and later got caught in legal entanglement for the movie 'Imsai Arasan 24-am Pulikesi', a sequel of his hit movie by Shankar.

Now after Vadivelu's speech during a gathering went viral, the actor has received few opportunities to play the lead in several comedy movies.

One of the movies Vadivelu signed was named after his iconic role, Naai Sekhar, from the movie 'Maanagaram'.

'Maanagaram' director Suraj will be directing 'Naai Sekhar' and the shooting is set to commence in April.

How excited are you to see Vadivelu in this iconic role once again?

Source: IndiaGlitz