Benjamin is a Kollywood artists who debuted in cinema via Cheran's 'Vetri Kodikattu'.

The comedian got lucky when director Cheran spotted him during a drama performance, and offered him a small role in the movie.

In a recent interview, the comedian reveals the harassment he faced during the shooting of the movie as he waited almost 18 days at the set for Vadivelu.

Once Vadivelu joined the shooting after delaying for 18 days, he further harassed the newcomer by threatening the he shouldn't play that particular scene.

In the scene, Benjamin was required to scold Vadivelu. But Vadivelu was not happy about letting a newcomer play such scene.

Benjamin revealed that he had to reshoot the scene many times as he was interrupted by Vadivelu on purpose. Thus, at one point, actor Parthiben had to convince Vadivelu to leave the shooting spot so that Benjamin can complete the 'scolding' scene alone.

Source: Cineulagam