Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu and Isaignani Ilaiyaraja are two very influential people in Kollywood's music scene.

The lyrics by Vairamuthu and the music by Ilaiyaraja have created wonders in the 80s, giving us soulful songs which are still loved by many from all walks of life.

However, by the end of the 80s, the duo decided to part ways and stopped producing songs together. They have spoken about each other indirectly many times before, and recently, Vairamuthu opened up about this issue again when he gave a tribute speech for the late director K. Balachander.

"After parting ways with him (Ilaiyaraja), I tried to create 37 music directors in 7 years. But they failed to create music that flowed well with my lyrics," he added.

After waiting patiently for 7 years, K. Balachander invited Vairamuthu to work on three movies simultaneously under his Kavithalaya Production - Roja, Vaname Ellai and Annamalai, with three different music directors.

"I challenged K. Balachander. I told him that if any of the three movies become unsuccessful, I will stop writing lyrics and go back to being a farmer. These movies changed my life," said Vairamuthu.

It was then Vairamuthu met AR Rahman, whom he knew as Dhilip from the time he was working with Illayaraja.

Mani Ratnam gave AR Rahman the opportunity to work on 'Roja' and similar to Vairamuthu, even Mani Ratnam parted ways with Ilaiyaraja due to some unknown reason. Both the director and music director have created some great projects together in the 80s and 90s.

All three movies became successful, and it was K. Balachander who made the collaboration between Vairamuthu and AR Rahman possible.

"After working with 37 music directors, it was AR Rahman who helped me defeat him (Ilaiyaraja)," said Vairamuthu indirectly, while offering his praise to director K. Balachander who made it possible.

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