Bigg Boss 3 is full of shocking twists and turns. First, Saravanan left the house because of his remarks about molesting women on the bus during his younger days. Now, Madhumitha is believed to have attempted suicide and removed from the house as a result.

Talking about Bigg Boss and Madhumitha's outrageous act in a recent interview, Season 2 Bigg Boss contestant Vaishnavi revealed that every contestant goes through a psychiatric evaluation before getting into the house.

"If someone cannot handle the stress in there, they won't be sent in. So, despite her evaluation, Madhumitha has attempted suicide. She actually needs help and support," Vaishnavi said.

According to Vaishnavi, anything shown on the show is not entirely accurate. Every incident stems from layers and layers of problems that viewers can't even comprehend.

"Everything will affect us. Lack of sleep, stress, hunger and we might even feel like going crazy. So, in a state where the contestants are completely unaware of what's happening outside the house or if their loved ones are safe, every small incident will seem more serious than it is," she explained.

Many viewers are furious with Bigg Boss Vanitha after her second innings this season. She is seen as a 'vathikuchi' (the person who triggers conflicts) and even the housemates couldn't agree more. But, is Vanitha the real culprit for all the things that have been happening in the house?

Vaishnavi said NO!

"Vanitha came in because the channel sent her in. The housemates need to remember that. She can't win there, she has been eliminated from the show. She doesn't really have a purpose. If Vanitha is trying to mislead everyone, it's part of the game. It's not her character," Vaishnavi said.

She further added that only if tactics and strategies like these are used, the show will be interesting or nobody would watch the show.

"You need to add and mix a bit of masala!"

Bigg Boss is known as a reality show that tests contestants' minds. But Vaishnavi claimed Bigg Boss plays mind games with viewers as well.

"This is a mind game, they are not only playing with contestants' mind also the public's mind," Vaishnavi claimed.

Vaishnavi insisted viewers keep two important points in mind. Bigg Boss composites 24 hours into an hour show. The contestants might be having lots of fun but you only get to see their fights mostly. Secondly, it's stress. Even small matters will trigger great anger.

"Don't judge people inside. They are put under a lot of stress or pressure. The need to win and the stress plays tricks on their minds and makes them behave in a certain way. It's not who they are in real life."

Hate is too strong of an emotion for just a game show," she added.

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Photo Credit: Indiaglitz