Bigg Boss Vanitha entered the house with a lot of haters, but over the last few weeks, she has revealed shades of her character that the audience has begun to like. Vanitha's bond with her daughters and her caring sisterly nature in the house attracted everyone who used to previously despise her.

In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 3, Vanitha was evicted, and before leaving the house she surprised everybody by requesting that she not break her winners' medal as the other contestants did.

"I've already broken my first medal. I think I should keep this medal as a remembrance of my record as the first-ever evicted contestant who entered again as a wildcard entry," she said.
Bigg Boss opened the door for her to leave with the medal - the first time in Bigg Boss 3 a contestant has left with the unbroken medal. This shows how much Vanitha has grown and earned the respect of Bigg Boss and the audience.

When Vanitha first entered the Bigg Boss house, she opened up that her reason behind coming to the show was her son Sri Hari. They haven't met in years and she felt this could be a platform for her to finally get in touch with her estranged son. Many netizens are hoping he would see the support and positive response she's getting everyone and finally meet his mother.
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Source: Twitter