The Bigg Boss S3 has successfully reached its 100th day and nearing its grand finale in just a few days.

While the viewers were left in shock with the eviction of the strongest contestant Tharsan,Vanitha Vijayakumar has entered the house once again claiming that Sherin is the reason behind his eviction.

In Bigg Boss S3's latest promo, Sherin was seen crying following Vanitha's accusation, while Sakshi and Kasthuri try consoling her.

But is this a strategy used by Vanitha to help Sherin win the Bigg Boss title?

At the moment, unofficial votes show that Losliya and Mugen are holding the top position in the voting. And targetting Sherin at this point will turn everyone's attention towards her and she might also end up getting sympathy votes from Tharshan's fans who adore her.

Let's wait and see if Vanitha's actions will benefit Sherin who will be heading to the finale with the rest.