In recent times, former actress Sameera Reddy has been trending for speaking about her motherhood, postpartum depression, and positive body image.

She opened up how the birth of her firstborn left her feeling devastated about her body. After her second pregnancy, Sameera is determined to empower women to accept their bodies and skin with pride.

The former actress is active on social media, updating about her mommy life and her struggle with weight loss. But, she also has a little fun now and then. In a recent #fliptheswitchchallenge video she posted, Sameera can be seen doing dome crazy dance moves with her mother-in-law. Check it out:

Flip the switch . #motherinlaw #indian #edition @manjrivarde ?#takefunseriously #thisishowwedoit #fliptheswitchchallenge ?

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The viral 'Flip the Switch Challenge' originated from Tik Tok. The challenge involves two people changing outfits to Drake’s song 'Nonstop'.

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Yahoo