Veteran Kollywood actor Radha Ravi who's been involved in the film industry for decades is currently facing charges for a multi-crore corruption case pertaining the Dubbing Artists Association.

It was revealed that the actor has hold various positions in the society for the past 10 years, and several members filed a case at the Chennai High Court after suspecting the actor of swindling money. The allegations also suggested that the actor expelled the budget auditors from the union and salaries were received by the commission brokers whom he appointed without consent.

Following the complaint, the judge ordered the Labor Welfare Department to investigate further and it has been proven now that crores of rupees have been embezzled from the association and the actor is also guilty of other scams such as submitting fake documents to the Labor Welfare Department and submitting fraudulent accounts and false accounts.

Now the Labor Welfare Department has urged the petitioners to file a case in the court against the proven offenses.