Actress Poornima turned 61 years old recently and her family members - husband Bhagyaraj, son Shanthanu and daughter-in-law Kiki - planned a surprise birthday celebration for the actress which didn't ended up as planned.

The actress was attending a shooting nearby their home for quite sometime, and was inviting her family members to visit her at the movie set. To fulfil her wish, her family decided to visit the set on her birthday.

In the video, it can be seen that actors Bhagyaraj, Shantanu and KiKi visited the movie set to surprise the actress with a cake, however, their plans were already informed to Poornima by the film crews prior to their arrival.

The actress even managed to spot her family before they could bring her the cake as planned. Meanwhile, a cake was also arranged at the set, causing them to bring back the surprise cake back home.Check out how the birthday surprise went wrong: