Alya Manasa began her career in the TV industry as a dancer before being cast as the lead actress in Vijay TV's Raja Rani serial.

Her on-screen chemistry with Sanjeev Karthick became an instant hit and the duo eventually fell in love. They got married in 2019 and have been blessed with a baby girl Aila.

During her pregnancy, Alya took a break from serials and joined the Dancing Superstars show as a judge. Following the birth of her daughter, Alya shocked everyone by losing weight and returning to the sets of Raja Rani 2.

Recently, the couple started a YouTube channel sharing the moments with daughter Aila. As Alya turned 29 on May 27th this year, Sanjeev arranged a low-key birthday celebration because of the lockdown.

However, he totally forgot that they got married on Alya's birth date. In their video, Alya reminds Sanjeev about their wedding anniversary and here's how he responded:

Source: Sanjiev & Alya
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