In the latest episode Bigg Boss, Anitha and Archana became the referee in one of the tasks, where the duo were entrusted to monitor the time and determine the winning group who manages to complete the task within the shortest time.

But the contestants were left in a small confusion once Balaji completed his task, as the duo failed to keep track of his time.

Archana quickly blamed Anitha for the error, while the confused Anitha pointed out that Archana was holding the stopwatch all the time.

However, Archana refused to agree and dominated the argument since Anitha looked unsure.

Balaji who was even arguing before this err or was given another shot to complete the task.

Now, netizens reveals a kurumpadam (short clip) to point out that it was Archana who failed to monitor the time, and once Balaji completed the task, she passed the stopwatch to Anitha.

Netizens are now demanding a kurumpadam this weekend to prove that Archana was at fault and not Anitha. Watch the clip here: