The dispute between Bigg Boss S4 contestants Balaji Murugadoss and Aari Arjunan is never-ending despite Kamal Hassan's advice to sort things out in a nice manner.

Bala who told Kamal that he doesn't carry baggage, proved otherwise today when he blamed Aari of twisting his words and claimed that Aari made him lose the captaincy task which he competed against Ramya and Ramesh.

Aari who initially gave the correct verdict, later got confused and changed his statement once Balaji started arguing and blaming him.

Instead of arguing with Bala, Aari asked Rio not to count his opinion in the judgement as he didn't want to be associated with the result.

Bala, however, kept blaming Aari despite knowing the judgement was made by Rio.

Now, Bigg Boss fans are pointing out that Bala was lying and twisted his words during the task by giving contradicting statements. Watch the clip here:

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And this is what happened during the task: