In today's Bigg Boss S4 promo, Anitha and Aari ended up having a heated argument during one of the tasks.

It can be noticed that Aari and Anitha who didn't join any group since before, who played an individual game all the while, was having some misunderstandings for the past several days.

Now after their latest fight, fans are speculating that Anitha has already joined the 'love bed' group, as she was hugging Archana and crying in one of the unseen clip.

Meanwhile, Archana told Anitha that there are people in the house to show her love and care before she leaves the house, referring to the remaining members of her group.

Some are even questioning why Anitha remained quiet when Archana trolled Anitha's husband, but got angry when Aari repeated Anitha's words during her loud outburst in the house.

Check out the comments and the unseen video here: