Cooku with Comali fame Ashwin Kumar is ready to make his debut as a lead in the Tamil cine industry. The film titled 'Enna Solla Pogirai' will be directed by Hariharan A and the best part is, Pugazh will be acting alongside Ashwin.

The film took off with a pooja in the presence of the cast and crew and of course, Cooku with Comali Pugazh and Chef Dhamu.

The film is expected to revolve around a love triangle between Ashwin and two other heroines Avantika and Teju Ashwini who are both newcomers.

The title was taken from the hit song 'Enna Solla Pogirai' from Kandukondein Kandukondein. The film will carry a youthful vibe with Pugazh appearing throughout as a strong character

“As for Ashwin, he will look his best in the film. His character is that of a boy-next-door one. Pugazh will appear throughout the film and is more of a strong supporting character. I wouldn’t call him a comedian as he has many strong scenes,” the director said in a recent interview.

Check out the moments from the film pooja here:

Source: Behindwoods & Times of India
Photo Credit: The Hindu & Instagram