The Bigg Boss S4's latest episode has got the viewers divided as the supporters of Bala and Aari.

The clash between Bala and Aari started once Bala accused Aari of not practising what he preached; Bala referred to the time the latter complained when he helped Sam win the captaincy task.

During a conversation at late night, Aari confessed to Bala about walking hastily which led him to fail the task, so that Rio can win; he justified by saying that he wanted to observe if Rio is being one-sided during his leadership this time.

Bala who back-bitted Rio and his group at the same time, remained quiet during the discussion and purposely brought that issue in front of all the housemates.

The fight between Bala and Aari further escalated and the housemates took Bala's side and targeted Aari.

However, Bala fell in Aari's leg for forgiveness when no one was around, and when Aari refused to accept the apology, he pinpoints the clash between Aari and Sam.

After the show telecast, support for Aari started pouring in from the viewers, where #Aari started trending and became the second trending hashtag in India.

Some believe that Bala took revenge intentionally after Aari spoke about his relationship with Shivani during the nomination process, while some say that it's another strategy of Bala to turn everyone against Aari.

Check out the conversation between Bala and Aari here and decide for yourself who's at fault:

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