In the latest episode of Bigg Boss S4, Kamal Haasan probed the contestants regarding the incidents that happened during the Deepavali celebration week.

Among the issues that were discussed includes the argument between Anitha and Rio which occurred when she asked him about making a dish using green gram.

Kamal, however, took his stand and supported Rio by claiming that Anitha's statement was hurtful.

Anitha who first defended herself later cut the conversation short by saying that she doesn't want to waste Kamal's time.

But later when Anitha tried to explain herself to Kamal, she got a taste of her own medicine when Kamal cut her conversation short by saying that she had already explained herself.

Anitha later accused Kamal Haasan of being biased. But was Anitha really at fault during her conversation with Rio? Check out the video here and decide for yourself: