To all Bigg Boss Kaviliya (Kavin and Losliya) fans, we've got some news for you! In a recent Bigg Boss reunion, your favourite contestants met and shared a stage.

The photos of Kavin and Losliya with other Bigg Boss contestants are going viral. Netizens are wondering why the duo are not clicking a picture together. On top of that, Kavin appears low-spirited and unusually quiet, while Losliya barely makes any eye contact with him. This is the video:

Despite their close relationship in the Bigg Boss, Kavin and Losliya haven't opened up about their relationship after the end of the show.

Some netizens are speculating that Losliya's parents are not really fond of Kavin and it was pretty evident in an episode where the news presenter reunites with her family.

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Source: Twitter