One of the most talented actresses in India, she seems to have a love-hate relationship with the Tamil film industry - she has even been called 'unlucky' when Tamil film projects don't take off.

Now, she is back with the remake of the Hindi film, "Pink", titled "Nerkonda Paarvai".

She had to thank director Boney Kapoor for that, who wanted her in the film.

She explained, "Boney Kapoorji called me and said that he was making a Tamil film. He came to meet me and left a one-pager. He also mentioned this movie will deviate from its Hindi version a bit."

"I said I will read it, but it doesn't matter what the sheet of paper says as I will do it anyway. That's how it is between us - I have great affection for Srideviji and Boneyji. I worship Sridevi. It is not that I know them very well or anything, but there is special affection for them both."

"I said 'yes' and then only I read that one-pager. I was then told that Ajith is playing Amitabh Bachchan's role in Tamil. Man... I know what a crazy fan following he has down south (smiles)."

She also revealed how impressed she was with Ajith's humble personality as she's aware of how popular and well-loved the actor is.

Gushing about him, she said, "I have been hearing about his star status and fan following ever since I can remember. But when I was shooting with him, not for a moment did I feel that this man was the same one with such a fan base. He is so down-to-earth. We chatted a lot... about movies, ways of working, our journeys. It felt nice. I was quite charmed by his friendly nature."

She is excited about the strong message behind the film, as she feels that the current society needs to change its perception on women, "I think the way we have been conditioned through history is that when women say no, we don't accept it as a no. We always feel that we can convince her, lure her, seduce her or sway her."

"I think, women, too, somewhere believed that for the longest time. It is only now, in the past few decades, that we are finally finding our voice. We are realising that we have the right to say no. It is such a relevant film and it is fantastic that it is being made in the south as well."

Interestingly, she dubbed her dialogue in Tamil because she actually speaks Palakkad Tamil which is different from Tamil! She explained, "I have dubbed in Tamil. I speak Palakkad Tamil and that is very different from the normal Tamil you speak here. I hope it has turned out OK. On set, I was speaking to everyone in Tamil and they were also very indulgent."

"But there is a difference in my Tamil slang. Like I mentioned, it is Palakkad Tamil and I was born and brought up in Mumbai. So, we speak differently. In fact, Nithya Menen (whom she has worked with in Mission Mangal) kept asking me what language I was speaking and that it wasn't Tamil (laughs). But I am just proud of my slang. At home, we speak Tamil. We should pass on the language, otherwise, how will we stay connected to our roots? So, whatever Tamil I know, I've spoken in the film. Vinoth (director) was very encouraging. He said people wanted to hear my voice... so I guess it is okay."

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Source: Times of India
Photo Credit: On Lookers Media