In the latest episodes of Bigg Boss, Shivani became the centre of attention once her mom entered the house and slams her for her performance in the show.

Bala who felt guilty then later fights with Aari despite Aari's attempt not to discuss the topic which might hurt Shivani's feelings.

But the Bigg Boss housemates team up and fight against Aari, giving the impression that it was Aari's fault the entire time.

Viewers who've been watching the show for the last 90 days are now furious towards Shivani who knows that it was Bala who started the topic to Aari.

Some even posted that Shivani should start defending herself instead of allowing Bala or the rest to use her name for their own benefit, meanwhile, some says that Shivani always defends Bala instead of defending herself.

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