The hottest news in K-Town at the moment is Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan's supposedly upcoming marriage. Even though the couple has yet to make any official announcement on this, sources close to them confirm that the wedding is really happening on June 9 at the Tirupathi Perumal Temple.

While fans are excited over the happy news, Vignesh Shivan's uncle Manickam, who hails from Lalgudi, has expressed his frustration over the close-knit arrangement. Vignesh Shivan's father is Manickam's younger brother and his family left their ancestral village in the 70s to settle down in Chennai.

In a recent interview, Manichkam said that he considered Vignesh Shivan and his sister Aishwarya as his own children as he doesn't have any of his own, even though their families have lost contact for decades. Now he's frustrated for not being invited for the wedding. However, he still expressed his best wishes to the soon to be married couple.