Born in Hyderabad as Ajith Kumar to a Palakkad Iyer father and a Sindhi mother, Ajith hailed from a non-filmy background and worked his way up the ladder of success to eventually become the much-loved Ultimate Star of Kollywood.

Despite his success, Ajith rarely attends public events, film promotions, or even interviews. He's known to be very private and doesn't even have a social media account on any platforms. Many of his fans wonder why their favourite star is not giving them the opportunity to get to know him up close. Things have not always been this way.

According to Indian Express, the actor 'caused a tremor in the Tamil film industry when he spoke about the political pressure on actors during a DMK function in front of then Chief Minister Karunanidhi'.
His bold remarks were taken in a different context and misunderstood on many occasions like this. As a result, Ajith avoids public events and no longer gives out interviews.

But, in a rare interview with host Gobinath, Ajith shared about his life before fame and the many experiences he gained throughout his career. When Gobinath asked about Vijay, Ajith admitted that they have a professional relationship.

"We may not be the best of friends. But definitely, we are not enemies. are not best friends, but they are also not enemies. Yes, we are competitive but it's a healthy competition," he added.

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Source: Gobinath & Indian Express
Photo Credit: Share Chat, Pinkvilla & Behindwoods