The first season of Survivor Tamil, a franchise of globally distinguished game-reality show 'Survivor', became the talk of the town after Vijayaletchumy was named as the title winner in the grand finale.

Vijiyaletchumy, an actress who hails from a family packed with film stars, joined the Kadargal tribe initially before joining Vedargal. The actress who got eliminated later, rejoined the game after withstanding the difficult challenges in the third island for several weeks.

Meanwhile, actor Saran became the first runner-up after receiving 3 votes in the finale, and actress cum model Vanessa who hails from Malaysia became the second runner-up. Actor Umapathy who was performing well since day one, lost his final match to Saran.

Besides tasks that test the participants' mental and physical agility, the show also came with many twists and turns that surprised the viewers. Many viewers voiced out saying that factors such as groupism and manipulation caused several deserving players to get evicted from the show earlier despite performing well in the given tasks.

The verdict, however, was not received well by some viewers who took social media to voice out their dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, some praised Viji as the super-mom who made a strong comeback despite being eliminated from the show once.