Bigg Boss Julie first attained fame when a picture of her taking part in the controversial Jallikattu protest in Chennai became viral. At the time, netizens celebrated her as 'Veera Tamizhachi'.
With Julie's sudden fame, the opportunity to join Bigg Boss S1 came knocking on her door. However, the actress received backlash for her actions in the show and ended up becoming a victim of constant trolls.
Despite the hatred she receives online, Julie continued to host shows and appear in films playing guest roles. In recent months, the starlet has been trending on social media for her numerous photoshoots. She is almost unrecognisable in some of the photos.

In a recent glamorous photoshoot at the beach, Julie looks stunning. The clicks are now going viral online. Check out:
Source: Indiaglitz & Instagram
Photo Credit: DC Studios