On 9 Dec 2021, everyone woke up to the shocking news of serial actress VJ Chitra found hanging at a private resort in Chennai. But there were no signs of distress during her shoot with her Pandian Stores co-stars the previous night.

Her fiance Hemanth, who later admitted that they were secretly married, was arrested for abetment of suicide. Chitra's mother and some of her friends claimed that Hemanth was abusive and alleged that he murdered her.

Soon, he came out on bail and there hasn't been any news about him, especially after the report in Jan 2021 stated that Chitra's death was by suicide, however it was Hemanth who caused a lot of stress by questioning her character.

Actress Rekha Nair, one of Chitra's friends, shared a long post requesting the case to be investigated again and the culprit should be found this time.

Rekha Nair mentioned in her post that the mysterious death of a 24-year-old woman from Kerala, Vismaya Nair, at her husband's house has shaken the state.

Check out her post here:

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What happened to Vismaya Nair and Chitra was almost identical. The Kerala Police, Kerala's ministers, some of Kerala's top officials, and the Kerala Chief Minister are all investigating the death (of Vismaya).

The last regime (in Tamilnadu) ended up not talking about this. Chitra's parents do not have the mental courage like Vishmya's parents. In Tamil Nadu, the then police, chief minister, and ministers were not so qualified.

But of course, in the coming days, this should be properly investigated and punished. I urge the Tamil Nadu police to make sure that the culprit doesn't escape, as this will reinstill hope in the lives of many women.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Newsbuzzer & Onmanorama