Thala Ajith is a popular Tamil actor who has acted in over 50 films to date. The actor is well-known for his hard work and helping nature as he worked his way up in the industry with no filmy background. Many of his co-stars and friends have revealed that Ajith helps people without making a big fuss about it.

In May 2020, one of his female fans named Farzana reportedly lost her job after shooting a video of Thala Ajith and his wife Shalini visiting the hospital she worked in. The video became viral after she posted online and it was said that the management decided to dismiss her for violating the privacy rules of the hospital.

Despite trying to get hold of her old job, the management allegedly refused to re-hire Farzana. She allegedly reached out to Ajith's manager Suresh Chandra and Shalini seeking aid to support the schooling of her daughter.

When Ajith heard of her misfortune, he reportedly asked his manager to settle the tuition fees of Farzana's daughter for one whole year. However, when Suresh asked for the details of her daughter's school, Farzana was said to have directed him to send the money to her account. Suresh ignored her request.

In his statement to News18, Suresh Chandra said, "‘Actor Ajith was not the reason for Farzana’s termination. The hospital management only sacked her after examining the CCTV Camera. Even Actor Ajith Kumar came forward to bear the school fee of Farzana’s Daughter. But instead of letting it to be paid directly to the school management, Farzana wanted the money to be handed over to her. She then lodged a complaint on me and so I stopped talking to her".

News18 also reported that Farzana tried to kill herself over the matter and was rushed to the hospital immediately. The issue hit the headlines when Farzana allegedly release voice recordings of her calls with Suresh and Shalini. Take a look:

Speaking to News18, Farzana said, "I lost my livelihood with no source to serve my family. I’m left helpless. I expect the Actor to lend me direct help. I merely want a word from Ajith sir."

She also narrates the entire incident in an interview with Red Pix. Check it out here:

Source: News18 & Red Pix
Photo Credit: Red Pix & MSN