Simbu, a.k.a. STR, has appeared in films since childhood. He was the son of renowned actor and director T. Rajendrar and had exceptional talent. From good looks to dance skills, Simbu got better with each film.

Simbu's blossoming acting career, however, came to an abrupt halt when he got engaged in not one but multiple scandals. Directors and producers were afraid of working with him due to his unreliability and lack of focus.

Actors and actresses steered clear of him due to his reputation for disappearing from the set for days. Additionally, he gained weight, which altered his appearance in films, much to his fans' dismay.

The actor took a hiatus and rebranded himself during the height of the controversies. He returned in 2020 with a fit physique and a fresh look.

The inspiring actor uploaded a video of his physical transformation journey on his birthday earlier this year, analysed by a well-known fitness YouTuber named Tharun Kumar.

According to Tharun, who believes that Simbu's weight loss was entirely natural, there are several lessons one can learn from the video.

1. We all need to start somewhere

Simbu started at 105kg, and had he not made a choice to begin; he would have gained additional weight. People are sometimes disheartened by how far they are from their ideal weight or body shape, but Simbu refused to succumb to such thoughts.

2. Start slow and gradually increase

Tharun is sure that no one can follow a fitness model's diet and workout routine on the first day or week of their weight loss journey. Rather than that, he urges everyone to begin slowly and progressively increase their workouts, as Simbu does in the video.

3. Do things you like

Tharun also mentions Simbu's involvement in a variety of sports. If we're not up for hitting the treadmill every day, we may always engage in other activities that burn calories while keeping us occupied, such as playing badminton or swimming.

4. Keep high scores

Keeping track of your progress will keep you motivated, and each milestone along the way will seem like hitting a new high score that will spur you on to the finish line.

5. Use critiques as a form of motivation

Do not be discouraged by those who tease you, Tharun advises. Take their remarks as motivation to go to the gym the next day or stick to a calorie deficit diet. Simbu did just that.

6. Developing self-confidence

Weight reduction is not only about the physical appearance; it also improves the public's perception of Simbu. Simbu's weight loss journey was essential in regaining his confidence, not just for himself but also for everyone around him.

Tharun discovered only one mistake in the video. He says Simbu appeared to have lost muscle mass throughout his weight loss, something he feels could have been avoided.

If you'd like to listen to the remainder of the lessons, click here to see the video:

Source: Tharun Kumar's YouTube
Photo Credit: Times of India