All Astro customers can stay entertained with the biggest and latest drama series including hit local Tamil, Malay, popular Korean and Chinese dramas as the ‘Drama Never Ends’ on TV, Astro GO and On Demand.

Customers can stream from a wide range of genres including local Tamil comedy sequel series featuring a pet, Ramarajan 2.0, local Malay action crime drama series Scammer, local Malay romance fantasy drama Love Elsa, local drama series Lockdown, fantasy-romance K-drama My Roomate is Gumiho, Korean melodrama Youth of May, , thrilling Cantonese crime series Murder Diary, comedy fantasy Cantonese drama Final Destiny, and historical Mandarin series Ancient Love Poetry.

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RAMARAJAN 2.0 | Tamil Drama | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO App

Ramarajan makes a comeback with more fun and twists. In this second season, Ramarajan the goldie’s soul, gets swapped in the human Ramarajan’s body. What makes it even more confusing is when a girl admits that she is the daughter of Ramarajan. Starring Dato Sri Geethanjali, Sathia, Thasha Krishna Kumar, Vicran Elanggoven, Kuben Mahadevan, Akhsra Nair and more.

MY ROOMATE IS GUMIHO | Korean Drama | tvN (Ch 395), Thursday & Friday, 9.15pm | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO App

A fantasy-romance drama between Shin Woo-yeo, a 999-year-old which also a nine-tailed fox who in love with Lee Dam, a college student who accidently swallowed the fox’s pearl. Without it, Shin will not be able to attain the human form. Starring Jang Ki-yong, Lee Hye-ri and more.

YOUTH OF MAY | Korean Drama | KBS (Ch 392), Thursday & Friday, 9.30pm | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO App
This melodrama series is set in Gwangju, in the spring of 1980 and is about a group of youths seeking to follow their destiny, unaware of the historic but chaotic times that are to befall them. Starring Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si, and more

MURDER DIARY | Cantonese Drama | Astro AOD (Ch 311), Monday – Friday, 10.30pm | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO App

Yeung Pik-sum suffers from schizophrenia, and her illness causes her son, King-fung, to suffer from a split identity disorder. King-fung’s alternate personality, Chu Kei, becomes a handwriting expert and criminal profiler who helps King-fun, an undercover agent to challenge a crime organisation. However, when King-fung becomes a murder suspect, this leads to a new alliance aimed at criminals with psychiatric issue.

FINAL DESTINY | Cantonese Drama | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO App

The Roc, Budda’s aide arbitrarily goes to the mortal realm to cause havoc. Budda sends his envoy after the troublemaker and a duel follows. Five centuries later, an injured man is saved by a seamstress, and he becomes a laborer at her workshop – but he encounters the enlightened monk Master Wai Yuen in a dream. Starring Edwin Siu, Roxanne Tong, Sammy Sum.

ANCIENT LOVE POETRY | Mandarin Drama | Astro Shuang Xing (Ch 307), Daily, 7pm | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO App

Starring Zhou Dong Yu, Xu Kai, Zhang Jia Ni, this is an adaptation from a popular novel, about the story of Shang Gu, one of the four Immortals who falls into a deep sleep after sacrificing herself in a trial that lasts for 60,000 years.

SCAMMER | Malay Drama | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO app

An action-packed drama series tells the story of money laundering and online fraud. Featuring a couple of popular actors Siti Saleha and Kamal Adli, as well as Fasha Sandha.

LOVE ELSA | Malay Drama | Astro Ria (Ch 104), Monday - Thursday, 10pm | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO app

A romance-fantasy drama adapted from a novel features rising actress Uyaina Arshad and Zul Ariffin, Malaysian hero. The drama series revolves around romance, family and betrayal.

LOCKDOWN | Malay Drama | Astro Ria (Ch 104), Monday - Thursday, 11pm (from 27 July) | On Demand via Ultra Box | Astro GO App

The life stories of local communities when the MCO was announced. Various interesting and heartbreaking stories faced by some families as they went through hard times during the MCO. Starring Nabila Huda, Zara Zya, Beto Kusyairy and many more.