Astro customers can enjoy local Tamil thriller series Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu, premiering on 3 March, 9pm on Astro Vinmeen HD (Ch 202) via TV, Astro GO and On Demand.

Directed by local filmmaker SD Puvanendran, this 22-episode series features popular local artistes including Moon Nila, Saint TFC, Irfan Zaini, Surrya Prakash, Ratna Gowri, Dhurgashini, Cellina Jay, Vinoshan and Yawanesh.

Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu revolves around a mysterious and ancient temple in the Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu village. While the village is undergoing a land crisis, villagers also face numerous unresolved mysteries involving the temple, and believe that the goddess of the temple manifests in human form to help the villagers.

Watch new episodes of Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu, Mondays to Fridays at 9pm on TV and Astro GO or stream anytime On Demand.

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