South Indian actress Shriya Saran and her Russian boyfriend Andrei Koscheev tied the knot in 2018 and now the couple has welcomed their first child last year.

The couple kept the pregnancy a secret as the actress revealed that she wanted to enjoy the entire journey without being in the limelight.

"I didn't want anyone to tell me how I look and how I should behave during my pregnancy. I only wanted to reveal the news when I'm ready," said the actress who announced the news on social media days back.

In her interview with Times of India, the actress further revealed that they've picked their daughter's name within five minutes.

"I told my mom that we are expecting a baby girl, and she immediately started addressing her as Radha Rani. And Radha means happiness in both Russian and Hindi. We immediately decided that it's going to be our child's name," revealed the actress. Check out Shriya's latest post here:

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Source: Times Of India
Image credit: @shriya_saran1109