The passing of comedian Vadivel Balaji has affected many, especially his family, friends and fans.

The actor who was undergoing treatment after a heart attack lost his life to the illness on 10th September.

In a recent interview, popular comedian cum host Aadhavan opened up about being with Vadivel Balaji on his last days.

"He came from a poor family with no cinema background. Even after he made it into the industry as a comedian, he was still working in a hospital mortuary to make ends meet".

Aadhavan further added that: "I looked at his health reports and we needed money to continue with the treatment. I wanted to ask for donations and seek help, but he refused, cried Aadhavan during the interview.

According to Aadhavan, Vadivel Balaji refused asking for donations as he didn't want public and media to know about his health condition.

"I was hoping to get him the treatment somehow, look for any possible solution, but he has left us too soon," reveals the comedian.

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