As the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 3 is approaching its final days, netizens are going crazy in showing love and support for their favourite contestants. Bigg Boss Kavin has been drawing the most attention on Twitter despite Mugen Rao winning the golden ticket to the finale on the most recent episode.

The hashtag #WeAdmireKavin is trending on Twitter and netizens wonder why Kavin has been receiving so much support and how he's being saved from eviction every week. Recently, Indian choreographer Jeffery Master claimed it as the doing of 'vote bank' where Kavin gets fake votes every week.

While some believe his statement, others argue that he's popularity as 'Vettaiyan' while acting in the famous Saravanan Meenatchi serial is the real reason. Despite his shortcomings in the Bigg Boss house, he's been thoroughly supported and praised by his die-hard fans.

Even the trending #WeAdmireKavin emerged as a result of the 'kurumpadam' (short video) showed by host Kamal Hassan for Kavin, Losliya, and Sandy. Over the weeks, Kavin has hurt Sandy by taking Losliya's side every time there's an issue.

During the 'Ticket to Finale' tasks, Losliya commented on Sandy's behaviour towards Kavin, creating friction in the Fabulous 5 group (Kavin, Losliya, Sandy, Tharshan and Mugen). The 'kurumpadam' showed exactly how Sandy was put in a difficult position to choose between his friend Kavin and playing the game and why it's unfair for the dance master.

It's truly a mystery as to why Kavin is always in the receiving end of constant love and support from the masses despite the mistakes he has been making in the Bigg Boss house.

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Source & Photo Credit: Twitter