Actress Deepa, more popularly known as 'Minnal' Deepa, is an Indian actress who works in the film and TV industry.

The nickname 'Minnal' was derived from the film 'Maayi' where her short but memorable appearance became an all-time favorite comedy scene for many. The 2000 film starring Sarath Kumar and Meena in lead roles was a super hit at the time.

In the scene, comedian Vadivelu brings Sarath Kumar to see his potential bride, and a series of comic events made the dialogue 'Vaa Ma Minnal' famous. After the film, Deepa acted alongside many actors like Prashanth, Vikram, Sarathkumar, Sanjeev, and Shreekumar. Later, she went on to star in TV serials.

Now, Deepa has remarried for the second time after her divorce from her first husband. The photos of her wedding are trending. Take a look:

Source: Behindwoods