The popular reality show "Bigg Boss" has been a huge hit since it was first aired in 2017.

Hosted by acting legend, Kamal Haasan, the third season is all set to go on air on 23rd June but that may come to a full halt.

It has been reported that a case has been filed in the Madras High Court by advocate Sudhan who has sought a ban on "Bigg Boss 3". Why? He is being a concerned citizen and feels that the show has questionable moral values- the housemates parade themselves in revealing clothes and the conversation between the adults are mostly... adult conversation. All of which, he thinks, set a bad example for the impressionable young fans of the show.

Sudhan's petition has been admitted, and a hearing is expected to be held soon, which begs the question on whether the show will proceed as scheduled, or if the court will pass a ban on it.

The team behind "Bigg Boss 3", however, don't seem to be too concerned about the fate of the show as they feel Sudhan does not even have a case to begin with.

"Bigg Boss" is a reality show where a group of people live together for three months in a house, isolated from the world and are tested on certain skill sets.

It has been a hit in Bollywood for the past eleven years. The Tamil version was created in 2017.

"Bigg Boss" is the adaptation of the popular reality show, "Big Brother", originally from The Netherlands before becoming franchised in 54 other countries.

Source: India Glitz
Photo Credit: Chennai Memes