Mohan Vaithya is the third contestant of Bigg Boss S3 to leave the show, after Fathimah Babu and Vanitha Vijayakumar.

Mohan was the oldest contestant in the house and was known well for the daily kisses and hugs he gives to the other contestants, especially to the ladies.

"Even the public approach me today and ask me to kiss and hug them, because they know I do it genuinely and not with any bad intention. I do it with fatherly love," says Mohan.

In a recent interview, Mohan explains how he loves being around Sandy and happy that Sandy is still talking about him and dressed as him even after he got eliminated.

It is unclear why Mohan avoids questions regarding Losliya as well.

"While the entire house calls me Naina, Losliya only prefer calling Cheran that way. I even find her disrespectful sometimes," he added when asked about their relationship.

Check out his recent interview here:

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