Sherin Shringar and Sanam Shetty are Bigg Boss contestants who've been in a cold war ever since the former participated in Bigg Boss S3.

Tharshan who developed a liking towards Sherin in the show, was secretly engaged to model cum actress Sanam Shetty then. However, both Tharshan and Sanam broke up after his exit from the show, and Sanam even filed a legal case against the actor.

Now in a recent interview, Sherin revealed that Sanam sent multiple text messages to Sherin's mom and her friends during her stay at the Bigg Boss house but failed to contact her to clarify things upon her exit from Bigg Boss.

"Even in Bigg Boss S4, she plays the victim card and seek attention," revealed the actress.

She further clarified that she stopped talking to Tharshan for a very long time because of Sanam, and revealed that there's nothing between them.

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