Comedian Vadivelu, fondly called as Vaigaipuyal by his fans, is a legendary actor who's worked on many evergreen comedies in the industry.

The actor got his first opportunity in the movies after randomly meeting actor Rajkiran at a wedding.

Later, Rajkiran offered a major comedian role in one of his movies to Vadivelu after Goundamani demanded higher pay.

But the actor only ended up playing a small role after Goundamani showed up at the shooting spot.

Following the incident, when Rajkiran questioned Vadivelu about his future plans, the actor replied by saying that he wants to return to his village and continue working as a photo frame maker.

It was Rajkiran who refused to send Vadivelu back and allowed him to stay at his office so that he can try for more opportunities in the industry.

Source: Cineulagam